Nice Airport to Resort Transfers

If you don’t want to travel too much when you arrive at your resort it may be better to just pay for a transfer from Nice Airport to your destination resort.  You have several options but the most direct and reliable would be to book a private transfer before your arrival at the airport.  These can be relatively inexpensive and typically the driver will speak English, the vehicle will be of a high quality and well maintained, and the driver will wait for you in the airport to show you to your vehicle even if your flight arrives late.

A public taxi transfer is an alternative but you will likely pay a similar fee, and queues can be long particularly in peak season.  Beware also of unlicensed taxi drivers who may charge you over the odds for a ride.  Make sure you agree a price upfront rather than have to negotiate with an angry driver at the end of your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much can I bring? It depends on the company but most allow one large suitcase and one cabin sized bag/case per person. If the vehicle is large enough, transfer companies usually don’t charge if you bring more luggage, although you will need to clear this with the company you have booked with.

Can I bring my bicycle or golf clubs? You will need to inform the company you have booked with to make sure the vehicle is large enough. If it is large enough they usually won’t charge extra. You may need to upgrade to a larger vehicle which will cost a little extra.

Disabled Access

Can I bring a foldable wheelchair? Of course but as with extra luggage you will need to check your vehicle is large enough to carry all your luggage with a foldable wheelchair.

Are there disabled access vehicles? Yes but only a few companies have these vehicles with drive on wheelchair or scooter access. You will need to check the company you are booking with. These vehicles do generally cost a little more to book, around 30-40% more.


What if my flight is delayed? Your driver will monitor your flight and wait. Some companies only have a one hour waiting limit. Most drivers will wait longer than this or arrange for another driver to wait for you.

How long have I got to get through passport control and customs?
Your driver will see your flight arrival time and expect to see you in around 20-30minutes. After this time he will normally try to call you. Some drivers may think it is a no show and leave, so if you are delayed longer than this, it is good to call your driver or send one of your party through to meet the driver.


Can I smoke in the vehicle?
No. Smoking is banned in all pubic vehicles in France.


Can I bring my Pet? In most cases yes, but it is a question of luggage space. You will need to tell the company you have booked with to make sure there is enough space.

Collecting Keys

Can we make a stop en route to collect keys? Yes but you need to tell the company you booked with. If this is en route or near to your destination you usually won’t be charged. Some companies charge and extra €10-15 for extra stops.

Return pick up time

What time should I book the return pick up for?
Aim to be at the airport two hours prior to the flight departure time. You will need to know your transfer journey time to do this.