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Cote d’Azur Weather

In the south-east of France, the Cote D’Azur is one of the most favoured parts of the world for tourists because of the climate. Well-known for its warm summer sunshine that reaches highs of about 30 degrees Celsius and not overly cold winters where temperatures do not drop far below 11 degrees the region is pleasant.

Cote d'Azur Monthly Temperatures

Cote d’Azur Monthly Temperatures (Centigrade)

As shown above the peak months for warmer weather are July and August with midday often reach 28-31 degrees centigrade.  Meanwhile June and August are more comfortable temperatures for visitors expecting to have a more active visit due to average temperatures around 19-21 degrees.  The year as a whole though on the Cote d’Azur is very pleasant and it is very rare to have ice or snow any day of the year.

In terms of hours of sunshine, as the table above shows, most months during the year have very good sunshine hours, with just some cloud coverage or short days affecting some months.

Below you can see average mm’s of rainfall per month, with just October being the notoriously rainy month where a few days of downpour tend to put an end to Summer.  July is the driest month and you can expect no daytime rain showers.  It is unlikely that any week-long holiday in the Cote d’Azur during any month of the year (except October) will be a fully wet holiday.  Expect a few hours of rain every few days in Winter, Spring and Autumn, and very little rain during the Summer.

Cote d'Azur Monthly Rainfall

Cote d’Azur Monthly Rainfall

Weather Each Month in Cote d’Azur

January averages around 12 degrees centigrade with around 47mm of rainfall expected. It always seems that this region of France is laid back and relaxed and one of the nicest things do is visit the village of Eze. The scenery is quite amazing with views that will make you open your eyes wider than you think.

In February, the temperature remains about the same as in January and Cote d’Azur remains cool and fresh.  It is cold so a visit to a Museum is on the cards. One of the best is the Musée Marc Chagall in Nice where over 400 superb paintings by many masters can be viewed.

March sees the beginning of spring the Cote D’Azur starts to come to life. Temperatures rise to the mid-teens and with rainfall still around 48mm nature flourishes. It may still be a little cold to enjoy the beaches so maybe a quick visit to Le Suquet, Cannes is worthwhile. The old city is full of enticing restaurants surrounded by history.

April and spring is in the air with summer seeming very close. With temperatures in the high teens and about 8 hours of sunshine, a day Cote D’Azur is more than alive. Winter is far behind now and the weather is perfect to visit the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, where the gardens look superb.

In May, the Cote D’Azur begins to welcome summer and the region becomes the place it is most associated with. Temperatures hover in the low to mid-20s and sunlight increases to almost 9 hours. This is the time of year where a fresh breeze makes sailing perfect so why not find a charter for a day and enjoy the ocean.

Summer really begins to start in June and this is very much the best time to visit this superb piece of France. Temperatures reach the mid to high 20 degrees and the rainfall is close to its lowest. Beach weather is now here and there are countless pristine beaches to explore.

In July things hot up and it is the time of year where fun in the sun is the most important thing. Lerins Islands sit just a short boat ride from Cannes and these islands make a great haven away from the hustle bustle of the mainland. Visit the Royal fort famed for the man in the iron mask and then spend the day in the sun on the beach.

August is perhaps the best time to visit Cote D’Azur with temperatures in the high 20s and low 30s centigrade. With around 10 hours of daylight, this is the best time to really explore the region. Why not make a day snorkelling in the ocean off the Parc national des Calanques. There are many private snorkelling tours that can be booked.

Autumn begins to show in September and the summer sunshine lowers in the sky. Temperatures drop a few degrees and the rainfall begins to increase. At this time of year, there is no better place to visit than Aoubre L’aventure Nature a superb family adventure in the forests. Cote D’Azur is much more than just beaches.

In October, the temperatures drop to around 20 degrees centigrade and winter can be felt getting a little closer. Daylight now hovers around 7 hours and the nights begin to draw in.  A place that will suit this time of year is the old looking Port Grimaud that was only constructed in 1966. This is a wonderful place to spend many happy hours exploring. Perfect for cooler weather.

November sees the year in Cote D’Azur almost at an end. The temperatures are back down to the mid-teens, there are about 6 hours of sunshine per day and one in 3 days one can expect rain.  This is now low season and while the summer places are nearly all closed many larger towns are still busy. November is a good time to explore Monaco on a budget.

Christmas comes to Cote D’Azur every December. Temperatures drop to around 12 degrees and yet there is a still lot to do. Skating on the harbour in Monaco is a favourite or visiting a Christmas market in one of the many vineyards. In December, you will be kept more than busy as you dream of the summer to come or the summer just gone.



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