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What we’re providing at NiceAirport.Guide is a comparison price of most of the car hire operators at Nice airport so you can quickly compare prices and choose the best deal for you.  If you’re not quite ready to book your car rental yet, that’s not a problem as it will provide you with a quote which you can then have emailed to you so you can return to it later.

The same as your flights it does tend to follow that the people who book their car hire early tend to get the best price. As cars get booked there will be less choice and prices rise.  However ts only really peak summer time when there is absolutely no availability, so even if you book last minute you should still get a reasonable price and be allocated a car.

Booking your car through NiceAirport.Guide is pretty simple, please follow these instructions if you need to:

1)  Enter your quote details in the ‘search for car hire box’ to the right.

2)  Look through and then select the best car hire deal for your trip.

3)  Enter your contact and payment details before confirming the booking.

For a more detailed guide please refer to our notes:

How to book your car hire through NiceAirport.Guide

‘Search for Car Hire’ box

Choose your car pick-up point.  This criteria is automatically set to Nice Airport for ease but you can change this to other locations in the area such as city centres like Nice, Cannes, Montpellier and St-Tropez.

If you want to drop your car off at a different location on your return, click on the box ‘return to a different location’ and this will then provide a box where you can type in your desired returned location.  As you type it will display a list of matching locations that you can return your vehicle to.  This will tend to increase the cost of the booking as a fee will be added for the car hire company to recover the vehicle back to its home location.

Next, enter your travel dates and times for pick-up and drop off of the vehicle.  Here its best to leave some lea-way on your flight times in case it takes longer than planned to pick up your luggage or you are running late on your return to the airport.  As long as your booking times don’t take you into an extra 24hr period the cost shouldn’t increase adding an extra half an hour either side.  After entering your pick-up, drop-off points and booking dates and times click ‘search’.

The website will then display all of the car hire deals available in line with your criteria on a ‘Search results’ page which will open up in a separate window.  If the window doesn’t display please check that your pop-up blocker hasn’t stopped it.  If it has it will probably tell you in your browser bar, so just click on the warning and it will give you the option to allow pop-ups from this website.

Search results Page

The search results page displays all of the car hire deals available for your dates and locations with the cheapest option at the top with prices ascending.  At this stage it’s probably best to select some of the filter preferences on the left hand side of the page to narrow down the search and filter out an unwanted vehicle options.  At this stage you can also try out other location and date option if you want to see how this affects the price.

You can also select the vehicle size at the top which most fulfils your needs.  The mini car class is often the cheapest but is really only suitable for up to 4 adults with minimal luggage.  The largest class available is usually the 9-seater minivan which will carry 9 adults and up to 5 large suitcases.

Once you’ve decided which deal is best for you there are two options.  Either select “Book Now” the blue button next to the deal you like best, or “Email Quote” in the grey box below it.  By choosing ‘email quote’ this brings up a separate box where you can enter your email address and have the quote emailed to you for returning to later.  Prices are live so if you leave it too long to return to book then the price may have risen by then.

If you click the blue “Book Now” button you will proceed to the “Options” page.

Options Page

This page is for selecting any required additional extras which will incur further expense.  You can select Damage Refund Insurance provided by AXA which reduces your excess liability to nil.  You will be offered this again when you arrive to pick up your car in France but it will likely cost more at that stage.

Other extras offered include booster seats for children and toddlers, satellite navigation systems, ski rack, snow chain set, and adding an additional driver.  The cost of these is quoted at this stage but you don’t pay for them until you arrive to pick up your vehicle at the car rental desk.

Again at this stage you can choose to “Book Now” or “Email Quote”.  If you select to book now, you will be taken to the “Details” page.

Details Page

This page is to confirm all of your booking details and collect further required information including your name, contact details, flight number, and age.  Then select the blue “Book Now” button which will then proceed to a secure payment page.

Payment Page

Please provide your payment details here.  You can pay by debit card or credit card at this stage.  However when you arrive at your car hire desk in France you will need to provide a credit card as security for the excess.

Please also read the terms and conditions and click the box to confirm you have read these.  There are two sets of terms, the first with the car hire operator and the second to confirm the booking process.

Please double check all of your booking information at this stage to ensure you have the right dates, times and vehicle.  Your payment will then be processed after you select the blue “Book Now” button at the bottom of the page.  You will then be taken to the “Confirmation” Page.

Confirmation Page

The Confirmation page provides a summary of your booking and confirms that the information has been sent to the car hire company.  You will also receive an email confirming the same.  You will then in the next 48hrs receive a final confirmation email from the car hire operator that your booking is confirmed and a vehicle allocated for you.


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