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Once you arrive at Nice Cote D’Azur Airport (NCE) you will disembark your airplane and make your way to Passport Control.

Passport Control at Nice Airport

Whether arriving at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 you will pass through Passport Control before you can collect your luggage.  Queues in both terminals can be busy during peak times.  If you have a new passport with a chip then it is advisable to go through the automatic passport control gates which scan your passport and face as this can be a lot faster and people seem to not use them.

Baggage Reclaim at Nice Airport

Once you are through Passport Control you will arrive in the baggage reclaim, look for the boards informing you which conveyor your flight’s baggage will arrive on.  Because Nice is a smaller airport and flights are spread across two terminals your baggage shouldn’t take very long to come through.

If your baggage doesn’t arrive with the rest of your flight’s baggage then go to the Lost Luggage desk

Retrieving Animals at Nice Airport

Transportation of a domestic pet such as a dog or cat is authorised in France and through Nice Airport however you will need to contact your airline to understand their rules of carriage.

Most airlines do not transport pets, but may make an exception for service animals such as blind guide dogs, however you should check this with their Customer Service before booking your flights.  EasyJet and Ryanair do not allowed transport of pets in the cabin or in the hold.

A good website for checking which airlines allow pet travel is: www.pettravel.com

They provide advice on how to transport pets, pet passports and how to take a pet through airport security correctly.

If you find an airline that does allow you to take your pet in the hold then report to the luggage desk on arrival to find out where your pet will be handed over to you.  It could come on the luggage conveyor belt or be passed through to the cargo handling team.

Cash Machines and Travel Money at Nice Airport

There are travel money and cash machine facilities at Nice Airport.

Travel Money Desks

Terminal 1 – American Express Change
Terminal 2 – Populaire Cote D’azur Bank (Arrivals area of Terminal 2).

Cash Machines (ATM’s)
Populaire Cote D’azur Bank in Terminal 2 Departures and Arrivals has a cash machine.
As expected you will be charged higher exchange rates in the airport so if possible exchange your money before you leave the UK, or find a good value currency exchange office in one of the major towns, or in a large hotel.


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