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When to Visit Paris

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Paris can be beautiful any time of the year like any city, and different seasons highlight varying aspects of the city. But people will often ask when to visit Paris. By looking at the information below you will hopefully be able to decide when to organise your trip to Paris.

Summer – is June through to September and is similar to New York weather, varying from around 60-80F with occasional rain showers.  Light warm long evenings extend your day and make leisurely strolls through the city at night very pleasant.  Bastille Day the major national holiday celebration takes place on July 14th and brings a parade and cyclists to the Champs-Elysees, as well as thousands of visitors.  It can be a great day to be in Paris, but will be busy and accommodation will be expensive.   August tends to be quiet in Paris with most Parisians taking their annual vacations for the whole month and driving to the South or to the coast for better weather and relaxation away from the City.  Although it will be quieter in August it can lose some of its ambience.  Another fun thing to do in Summer is to visit the beach in Paris…yes beach…sand is brought into to the City for the summer and beaches are created on the banks of the River Seine, deck chairs are available, and you enjoy a beach holiday in the City.



Fall – in Paris is beautiful in the many parks with the multi-colored leaves falling to the ground.  The temperature can fluctuate between 40-70F and there will be rainy days.  Although the days are shorter it can be a great time to visit Paris as the locals are back to their routines after Summer and several trade shows and festivals take place.





Winter – is magical in Paris especially if you are there for snowfall.  Temperatures will stay around 35-45F and days are much shorter.  This weather stays until late February.  The build up to Christmas in Paris is big in the Paris shopping districts with the Galleries La Fayette the focal point, as well as Christmas fairs in the Saint-Michel district.  There are always several open-air ice rinks in the City which is always fun.







Jardin du Luxembourg

Spring – brings the greenery in Paris to life again after the cold winter and flower markets and gardens bloom with flora.  The parks and paths of the Seine river are delightful places to take a walk this time of year, but make sure you have layers of clothing with you as temperatures can fluctuate between 40-65F.  Surprisingly March and April have the least rainfall of the year, but always have a raincoat or umbrella to hand in case you’re caught off guard.


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