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Major Rome Attractions

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

The Rome attractions frequented by tourists are typically well-known, and often high on a European visit list.  There’s also some lesser known locations and attractions which are worth adding to your Rome trip itinerary, so please take a look through below and decide what’s worthy of your visit to Rome.

The Pantheon
This ancient temple in the centre of Italy is an architectural masterpiece and has survived for just under 2000 years.  The giant oculus in its ceiling is a viewpoint to the midday sun and the midnight stars as intended.

The Roman Forum
This collection of ancient ruins was once the centre of the Roman Empire and is rich in history.  The main sights and sites here are the Arch of Septimius Severus, Temple of Vesta, Curia Senate, Arch of Titus, Temple of Castor and Pollux, Basilica Maxentius, Temple of Vespasian, Temple of Saturn and Temple of Antonius.  A secondary site at the forum is Palatine Hill which houses the Palatine Museum.

The Colosseum and Imperial Forum
Next to the Roman Forum is the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum either end of via Del Fori Imperiali.  The Colosseum itself is a grand structure four storey’s high and mainly intact from the outside anyway.  The Imperial forum (or Fora as its plural) is a collection of forums containing Trajan’s Markets, Nero’s Golden House, Trajan’s Forum and Column, the Arch of  Constantine, Mamertine Prison, House of the Knights of Rhodes, Nerva Forum, Forum of Julius Caesar, and Forum of Augustus.

Villa Borghese and Spanish Steps
The Villa Borghese estate in the Northern part of the city is a large garden estate which contains the Galleria Borghese a collection of sculptures and paintings; the National Modern Art Gallery containing sculptures and paintings, and Villa Giulia a collection of pre-Roman art; and a small zoo.  The Spanish Steps are often visited en-route to the Villa Borghese and are another famous Rome attraction.

Vatican City
The Vatican City needs very little introduction, it is home to the Pope, the Sistine Chapel containing Michaelangelo’s famous ceiling, extensive museums, and is the smallest country in the World.

Piazza Navona
This pedestrianized square is the modern heart of Rome where tourists sit in cafes to watching the world go by.  Street performers and artists ply their trade amid the three fountains and bustling crowds.

Trevi Fountain
The most famous of Rome’s many fountains is the Trevi fountain which appears to morph from the Palazzo its attached to.  As a major tourist attraction you may struggle to find an opportunity to take a photograph when it’s not surrounded by people, but early morning might be your best bet to find some level of tranquillity here.


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