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Uber cheaper than a taxi on the French Riviera?

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016


Since the launch of Uber in 2009 the company has quickly disrupted the private and public hire taxi service in major cities around the world by offering a cheaper car share alternative.  Uber now operates in 66 countries and 449 cities.  Despite controversy over its use of non-licensed drivers the Uber model has gained popularity because of its platform which allows drivers and passengers to rate each other, thereby ensuring both are well behaved and can continue to use the platform.  Uber pricing also means most trips are cheaper with an Uber driver than with a taxi, especially if you’re sharing the ride with other paying Uber customers.  Another part of the operating model which differentiates it from a taxi service is that no money exchanges hands between the driver and passenger, this is all done electronically via the app.

Taxi journey’s from Nice Airport to Cannes typically costs €75 but with Uber would be around €60 but could be cheaper if the route is quiet and your destination is easily accessible from the motorway.  Uber is available in most towns on the Cote d’Azur including Nice, Cannes, St-Tropez, Monte Carlo and Marseille.

A further advantage of the Uber model is that you can be picked up anywhere rather than having to go to a taxi point, therefore a journey from the beach back to your hotel for example is a lot easier to book as your mobile device indicates your current location if required.

The Uber platform is currently being assessed by the French courts as to whether it is legal in France, due to using unlicensed drivers.  However until a decision is made the model will continue to operate, and may be adjusted to accommodate French laws.  In Paris there have been some violent demonstrations and clashes between taxi drivers and Uber drivers and their passengers, however this hasn’t been seen outside of Paris.  Taxi drivers believe Uber drivers have an unfair advantage because they don’t have to pay the same fees and abide by the same regulations as them.

To use the Uber platform, get a quote on a journey and a journey and book a ride you have to download the Uber app to your mobile device or use their website.  All prices are transparent, you know what you’re going to pay before you book the ride.  However one element of Uber’s pricing which has been met with criticism is its surge pricing, which means ride prices increase during times of high demand, for example the Cannes film festival, or during work commute times.  At these times a taxi may be cheaper…if one is available.




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